Web Design & Marketing

$199 Setup

I will set up a WordPress-based web site on the domain name of your choice, with custom graphics and up to 5 pages of content.  You’ll get everything you need to start a web presence.

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99 Days FREE Hosting

For the first 99 days after your site goes live, you will pay nothing for web hosting.  I will provide you 99 days of free web hosting on my reliable, secure server network. (Political campaigns not eligible for free hosting period).

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Then, $99 A Year

After your 99 day free hosting period, you’ll just pay $99 a year for web hosting and that inclues your annual domain name registration.

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Need A Website, But Can’t Spend A Fortune?

You really do need a web site.  You need a place for people to land when they click links from your Facebook profile; they also need to be able to find you in the search engines.

If you don’t have a web site by now, you are WAY behind the curve…the problem is, so many web designers today have no business background.  They don’t understand how busy you are.  They also don’t understand about Return On Investment.  If you are a small business, it just does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a web site.

That is why I developed my simple, inexpensive program.  You can get a nice website that you can maintain yourself without breaking the bank.

It’s a simple offer: $199 setup fee, 99 days of FREE web hosting, the it’s just $99 a YEAR to keep it running.

Nobody is offering a deal like this, and if your small business needs a website; it’s finally time to act….

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